Ranst is situated in the western Campine (Kempen) 5 miles (7km) from the provincial city of Lier and about 9 miles (13km) from Antwerp.
It can be easily reached by leaving the E313 motorway at exit Massenhoven.
The borough of Ranst is administratively almalgamated to the adjacent villages of Broechem, Oelegem and Emblem.
This conglomerate of boroughs borders on Wommelgem and Schilde.
Ranst is ideally situated to explore and discover this region of the province of Antwerp.
The sandy nature of the terrain (previously used as a base product for the glass industry) is suitable for growing fruit tress and
inspite of modern industrial development orchards are still a feature of the landscape.
The apple and pear tree blossoms of spring are a trully magnificent sight.
Broechem is known for cherries, gooseberries, red currents etc.
To the north, Oelegem is well known locally for its extensive forests with numerous cycling and walking trails.
There were, prior to globalisation, in the vacinity of our B&B extensive cherry orchards from which we have drawn our name "Kriekepit" (cherrypit).

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